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I'm here to write about me and my life, I want to experience many different things and I do not want to forget them, this is my online journal for all to see :)
  • Got an interview!

    So after patiently waiting about a week (lol) I got an interview! I’m scheduled for June 5, at 11:20 pm, my time! I really hope that this pulls through!

    The only problem with that is I get out of work at 11 pm. I want to have a few hours to mentally prepare and look professional. So I’m hoping that I can switch with someone but that might not be an option. But otherwise I’m looking and seeing which questions I might be asked hopefully I don’t stutter or do something embarrassing!

    My paper work is coming along nicely know all I need is for my CRC to come back apostilled make a copy of that and then have my photos printed and I’m done with the pre-paperwork! 

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Janelle & Life