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  • My EPIK interview

    So I had my interview and well yeah…I got the date wrong. -.- 

    I was out of town that Tuesday, June 4, with a friend. We were about 3 hours from home. I was getting home around 10:40pm We were in Round Rock a good 45 minutes from my home. I decided to check my email again and re-read the email for the interview. 

    I have a bad thing for not reading emails right. It said your interview will be on a Tuesday to you. 

    Total brain fart. I checked the date to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind.  Yep It was Tuesday night about 30 minutes til my interview and I was 45 minutes away.

    I looked at my friend and told her my interview was at 11:20 today. I was the one freaking out I was hoping we could make it home. She made some calls to friends in Austin which we were passing through but no one anwsered

    Our final hope was just to try and make it home on time. It turned 11:50 and we were still a good 30-35 minutes away. 

    I downloaded the skype app on my phone and if I had to was going to do it by that unfortunately I was not wearing a t-shirt not that professional. 

    At that moment, her friend called her back. She asked if he had internet a computer, which he luckily had. He was a few exits from where we were so by 11:00 pm we were at his place.

    I did not even know who this guy was. He seemed nice and the apartment complex looked very nice. He lives on the bottom floor, but the worst part is that when we were walking towards his door the we heard glass breaking followed by loud screaming and yelling from upstairs.

    So there i was in his living room boxes every where and the computer situated next to the window. The yelling continued. I asked him for a button up clipped the back sat down on the chair and downloaded the skype app. 

    It was 11:10 when I finished all this I made sure the camera was working and the video was good. My friend and the guy that lived there had gone outside to smoke. The person interviewing me added me as a contact a few minutes later into which I accepted and waited nervously as 6 minutes passed by. I did not have the application paper on me but I did have it on my phone and also on the laptop its self. 

    The yelling upstairs stopped. I think..the roaring in my ears from sheer nervousness and unpreparedness had me really frazzled. But the interview started off well.

    In all honesty when it comes time for an interview I go into a weird mode. I remember bits and pieces of the interview but not all of it. I tend to go into deep mode in which I methodically think about the answers as she is asking them. 

     I had not fully prepared for I was going to do that the next day. I had looked over some of the questions and was thinking about them but I never really wrote them down. The interview lasted around 35 minutes. My friend and the guy had walked in about 30 minutes into the interview they were very quiet and waited to talk when I was finished. 

    After the interview I stood up and looked at them they gave me a thumbs up. We were joking and laughing and I felt some weight come off my shoulders.They had told me when they were outside the police had come by the upstairs apartment. If the interviewers would have known a police was not much from the apartment answering a domestic violence call they would probably be in a blowing air from a paper bag.

    We said our goodbyes and I thanked him for my letting me into his house to use his computer. I still think its funny. The pool at his apartment complex was calling our names. So we took a dip and ended up getting home around 2 am. 

    I thought that maybe I could have done better but not by a whole much. The fact of an interview is, for me, to be real with a person and have experiences ready to be asked. 

    So with this started the waiting game. I had my email notify on my phone. EVERY email would ding and I would rush towards it hoping it was the email.

    I noticed how much junk email I get so I sat down and unsubscribed from many of them. I wanted the next ding of my phone to be that one email that says I passed. 

    I was a work when I got the news. I whipped out my phone quick and looked at it thinking it was another email. When I saw the Epik email I opened that and it thankfully said I passed. 

    Through all that to get to my interview, I was very happy and so excited. So now was on to the next step of the process was to get the documents sent. 

Janelle & Life